General Custom Hunting Map

Looking for a hunting map for a special hunt, or a map of your favorite hunting area?

Welcome to Off the Beaten Path Maps hunting maps service. Our goal is to have the highest level of quality and customer service possible. We want to provide you with the best product that we can. We understand that our customers come to us with different levels of map reading skills. That is why we strive to keep our maps easy to read. As a hunter myself, I know how important it is to have a good USGS topographic map. With this in mind, each map is created as if I was going to use it myself.  We have topographic hunting maps for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and most of the western states.

We offer our customers three options when purchasing our maps:

Option 1 – Purchase a downloadable PDF hunting map with a USGS base map

Option 2 – Order a printed copy of the hunting map with a USGS base map

Option 3 – Order both the PDF and the printed hunting map.  When adding your selection to the cart you will be able to select one of these options from a drop down list

NEW MOBILE MAPS for your smart device.  Any map we make or have made can beBest converted to work on your smart device.

Members of our website receive a member discount on all purchases once they are logged into their account.   They also have the option of purchasing either a printed map, a downloadable PDF,  or both.  Non-members only have the option of purchasing both the printed map and the PDF downloadable map.  To receive your member discount you have to be logged in or purchase your membership prior to purchasing any other products.

Contact us directly by clicking on this link.

OTBPMaps Membership: Join our member site and have access to predesigned downloadable hunting maps with landownership, roads, and shaded relief. Simply, look through our selection and purchase the map with the hunting unit you want and download the file to your computer. Then, print it yourself or at a local printing store. The cost of this service is a membership fee and the price of the map.

OTBPMaps Custom Service: Join our member site and receive a discount on the map development fee. Give us a call and let us know the state, unit number, and type of hunt and we can create you a map of that unit with a road layer, landownership layer, and the hunting unit (see the Hunting Map Agreement for more details).  If you need a map custom centered on one area, then we will need you to give us the coordinates of two opposite corners of the area you want covered.  The cost of this service is a discounted development fee for members, or a regular development fee for non-members.  After the development fee there is also the price of the map and shipping and handling.

If you would like further details on any of the above options, please select one of the tabs to read more about the features. Below are examples of the scale and shaded relief of our map:

To see how these layers look, toggle the layers “on” and “off” on the example below.